Why I Made This Blog?

First I do a lot of stuff that are worth of blogging IMO mostly in tech maybe I’ll talk a bit about some games or other things, who knows?, and the main reason behind this is just for me to look at them in the future and laugh at my self.

Second I don’t want to use Twitter at this time, I want this just to be on my site and just to look at when I’m bored, IDK I might use Twitter in the future, but this is fine for me at the moment, and it feels mine, especially with the crappy design and the single file backend.

Finally, I get to write a blog without knowing who will read it or who will interact with it, IMO when you write a blog in Twitter you worry more about likes and retweets than the original content, i.e. you will tune your tweet to reach more people, and at this time I only want to write these meaningless life events of mine.